Hectors dolphin of New ZealandTail of Hectors dolphin of New Zealand
Blowhole of Hectors dolphin of New ZealandHead of Hectors dolphin of New Zealand
Three Hectors dolphin of New Zealand

Common name Hectors Dolphins. Cephalorhynchus hectori. One of four of genus Cephalorhynchus. The Hector’s Dolphin was named after Sir James Hector the curator of the Colonial Museum in Wellington (now the Museum of New Zealand - Te Papa). He examined the first specimen found.

Distribution Off Banks Peninsular on the East Coast off the South Island. The Maui Dolphin occurs in a limited range off the West Coast of the North Island and is no longer present in areas it once was.

About The Hectors Dolphin is unique to New Zealand and is New Zealand's only endemic marine mammal. The sub species Maui Dolphin has a population of 110 according to recent survey results. This makes it not only the world's smallest but also the world's rarest dolphin. Fears are that it may become extinct within 25 years.

Hector’s Dolphins feed on fish and other sea life found in shallow water. They use echo location to locate their prey.