Fish of New Zealand

Numerous species of New Zealand fish are endemic (only occur here). Commercial fishermen and recreational fishermen are subjected to catch and size limits for each species. Some fish are nocturnal and some diurnal. Many of our fish are vegetarian while others eat smaller fish and crustaceans.

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© Images Dr Paddy Ryan

Jock Stewart fishBlue cod fish of New Zealand
Blue Cod - Parapercis colias © Ken Lonie
Jock Stewart - Helicolenus percoides © Ken Lonie
Leather jacket or trigger fish of New ZealandMarble fish
Triggerfish - Helicolenus percoides © Ken Lonie
Marble Fish © Dr Paddy Ryan
Big eye or bigeye fish of New ZealandScorpion fish of New Zealand
Scorpion Fish - Scorpaena papillosus © Ken Lonie
Bigeye - Pempheris adspersa © Ken Lonie
Mosaic Moray EelBlue Eyed Triplefin
Blue - eyed Triplefin - Notoclinops segmentatus © Dr Paddy Ryan
Moray eels © Ken Lonie
Mottled TriplefinSole fish
Mottled Triplefin - Forsterygion malcolmi © Dr Paddy Ryan
Sole - Peltorhamphus novaezeelandiae © Dr Paddy Ryan
Mado FishPigfish
Mado - Atypichthys latus © Dr Paddy Ryan
Pigfish - Bodianus vulpinus (female) © Dr Paddy Ryan
Banded PerchWavyline Perch
Wavyline Perch - Lepidoperca tasmanica © Dr Paddy Ryan
Banded Perch - Hypoplectrodes huntii © Dr Paddy Ryan
Butterfly PerchOpalfish
Opalfish - Hemerocoetes © Dr Paddy Ryan
Banded Wrasse
Butterfly Perch - Caesioperca lepidoptera © Dr Paddy Ryan
Yaldwyn's Triplefin
Banded Wrasse © Dr Paddy Ryan
Yaldwyn's Triplefin - Notoclinops yaldwyni (male) © Dr Paddy Ryan
Sweep Fish
Spotty fish
Spotty - Pseudolabrus ocellatus © Dr Paddy Ryan
Sweep - Scorpis lineolatus © Dr Paddy Ryan
Spotted StargazerWitch Flounder
Spotted Stargazer - Genyagnus monopterygius © Dr Paddy Ryan
Witch Flounder - Arnoglossus scapha © Dr Paddy Ryan