Goldstripe Gecko - Hoplodactylus chrysosireticus

The rarest lizard to frequently occur in urban habitats is the goldstripe gecko. These small geckos are known only in the area from Taranaki to Mana Island near Wellington.

The Goldstripe Gecko frequently occurs in the Taranaki district, and in the small towns of Waitara, Stratford and Opunake. It's often found in flax but is equally at home on species with dense foliage.

Like most New Zealand geckos they are nocturnal but are often seen basking in the sun.

In protective habitat goldstripes have a proven adaptability to urban life and can attain locally high population densities.

Images Dr Paddy Ryan

Goldstriped Gecko
Goldstriped Gecko 1
Goldstriped Gecko 2
Goldstriped Gecko 3