Duvaucel's Gecko - Hoplodactylus duvauceli

This species is now confined to islands off the north-east coast of the North Island and the Cook Strait. Evidence is that they were once much more widespread. Like many New Zealand geckos they are nocturnal but sunbathe by day. Duvaucel's Gecko forage on the ground and eat insects including the large puriri moths (New Zealand's largest moth), and also weta, the world heaviest insect. The oldest known wild Duvaucel's Gecko was 36 years at least.

The Duvaucel's gecko is found in scrub and on the shoreline of the islands they inhabit. They were named after Alfred Duvaucel by mistake. Duvaucel a French naturalist explored India. The museum specimens taken to Europe were credited to him and later it was found the specimens came from New Zealand.

Images Dr Paddy Ryan

Duvaucel's Gecko
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