Northland Green Gecko - Naultinus elegans

The Northland Green Gecko is found only in the Northland region of New Zealand, north of Whangaroa. It is vivid green, with gray or gold highlights, on either side - along the dorsal edges. Males have a blue band along the sides, below the limbs, and the underbelly of both sexes is bright pale green and sometimes with a yellow tinge. Growth is to 200 mm.

Like many New Zealand geckos, the inside of the mouth is blue and the tongue bright pink to red. The Northland green gecko is most active by day (diurnal), and is often found basking in the sun. Like most New Zealand geckos it's found in scrub such as manuka.

Images Dr Paddy Ryan

Northland Green Gecko
Northland Green Gecko 1
Northland Green Gecko 2