Kawekaweau - Hoplodactylus delcourti

I thought it was going to be junk mail, as it downloaded on dial-up. But no, it was a 73x35cm kawekaweau!

Thanks very much.


Explanatory Letter:

"I'm a West Coast artist who has used your site as reference, what you are doing with it is great. It would give me great privilege to give a little back for the enjoyment your site has given, so I would like to offer you this image of a kawekaweau for free for the Natural Heritage Collection website.

The painting, attached, was created after seeing him on your site, and after many hours on the net trying to find out what he looked like when he was alive. I was not happy with the images I found so had a go myself (after all the only known specimen looks quite distorted and very undignified).

I believe he is very accurate and was created with the help of Aaron M Bauer's paper " Hoplodactyus delcourti n. the largest known gecko" for measurements and scale patterns, and some advice from Tony Jewell. I also used photos of New Caledonia's "Rhacodactylus lechianus" the words biggest surviving gecko, and other "Hoplodactylus" species as reference. (both Aaron Bauer and Tony Jewell have seen and enjoy this painting)

Note; the Little Barrier Giant Weta for size comparison (measurements from Which NZ Insect? by Andrew Crowe)

It would give me great satisfaction to know my art may help others understand a little more about NZ's natural heritage.
Sincerely yours,
Mark Neilson"


Mark Neilson