New Zealand Insects

New Zealand has many interesting insects and most of these are only found only here, including the world's heaviest insect, the giant weta. Insects are very important as they provide food for lizards, fish, bats, birds, and other insects. Insects pollinate plants, help decompose organic material into compounds that feed plants, and control populations of pest insects. We will also include terrestrial invertebrates (no bones) in this section for now. A few of the images on this page are exotic species.

Some invertebrates have evolved to rely on a single species, for example, the extinct huia (bird) had its own louse. That louse became extinct with the huia and was only discovered recently on the skins of extinct huia specimens. The huia was hunted by Maori and Europeans for its feathers. New Zealand's bat fly is dependent on our bats and all three species of our bats are now threatened with extinction. According to the New Zealand Threat Classification system lists (2005) New Zealand now has 943 species of terrestrial invertebrate threatened with extinction, and a further 1316 species are thought to be threatened but too little is known about them to classify them as such.

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Metalic Green Ground Beetle insect of New ZealandWeta insect of New ZealandGiant bush dragonfly of New Zealand
The following photos generously provided by Steve Reekie
Spider and praying mantis insects of New Zealand
Stick insect - attributes of two species
Praying mantis
Spider & praying mantis
Dragonfly damselfly insects of New Zealand
African (top) & New Zealand preying mantis
Cicada insects of New Zealand
Blue damselfly (kekewai) Largest of six NZ species of damselfly
Garden snail and slater
Garden snail and slater
Chorus cicada - Amphipsalta zealandica
Grasshopper insects of New Zealand
Fly insects of New Zealand
Four spined weevil insects of New Zealand
Tunnelweb spider of New Zealand
Four spined weevil - Scolopterus sp
Giraffe weevil insects of New Zealand
Giraffe weevil (above)
Tunnelweb spider (female) - Porrhethele antipodiana
Fly insects of New Zealand
Green vegetable bug insects of New Zealand
Green vegetable bug (above)
Dragonfly damselfly insects of New ZealandStick insects of New Zealand
Spiny stick insect
Hahoe moth insects of New Zealand
Mayfly insects of New Zealand
Mayflies (Order Ephemeroptera)
Mahoe stripper - Feredayia graminosa