Endangered species of New Zealand

New Zealand Frogs

New Zealand had seven species of frog, and now there are four, each of which is threatened with extinction. The monitored populations of New Zealand's Archey's frog declined 88% between 1996 and 2001 and our Hamilton's frog was reduced to a habitat of 600 square metres by 1992. Each of our four remaining frog species are in the top 100 of the London Zoological Society's EDGE list (Evolutionary Distinct and Globally Endangered). New Zealand’s native frog species are endemic (only live here) and have evolved very little over the last 70 - 200 million years.

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Hochstetter's Frog 2
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archey's frog

Dr Paddy Ryan (cropped)

Distinguishing features of New Zealand's frogs

New Zealand frogs:

  • don't have webbed feet
  • have no external eardrums
  • chirp instead of croak
  • are nocturnal
  • have round pupils
  • don't have a tadpole stage.
Hochstetter's Frog

Interviews about New Zealand frogs

Interview about New Zealand's frogs - Dr Phil Bishop

Interview about Maud Island Frogs

Interview about a frog in New Zealand that can survive being totally frozen

Dr Phil Bishop, "We have the most significant frogs in the world, and several species are in danger of becoming extinct in our life time. It is morally irresponsible for us to sit back and document their declines without working to prevent their extinction."

Maud Island Frog
Maud Island frog - Leiopelma pakeka Dr Paddy Ryan
Hochstetter frog - Leiopelma hochstetteri Dr Paddy Ryan
Hamilton's frogArchey's frog
Hamilton's frog - Leiopelma hamiltoni Dr Paddy Ryan
Archey's frog - Leiopelma archeyi Dr Paddy Ryan