Hochstetter’s frog - Leiopelma hochstetteri

The Hochstetter's frog is one of only four belonging to the ancient family Leiopelmatidae. Hochstetter's is the most widespread native species and grows up to 48mm long making it the largest of our native species. It has more warts than our other native frogs, partially webbed feet and is named after the Austrian geologist Ferdinand von Hochstetter.

Distribution is to the northern half of the North Island including Great Barrier Island. The Hochstetters frog is only found in isolated pockets, especially in damp areas along the edges of streams.

Like all New Zealand's endemic frogs they are hard to locate being well camouflaged and nocturnal. There is hope that they are not as rare as feared and in 2004 eleven more Hochstetter's frogs were found on an area of Maungatautari Mountain.

© Images Dr Paddy Ryan