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School Admin - "It looks fantastic!!!!!"

School Principal - "Great site"

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School Admin - "Website is awesome"

School Admin - "The photos are beautiful"

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School ? - "I was impressed with the images and video clips available on your website. Are you interested in adding to those images..."

Nature Photographer - "Well done supporting the schools and the children's knowledge about New Zealand"

Artist -"I'm a West Coast artist who has used your site as reference, what you are doing with it is great. It would give me great privilege to give a little back for the enjoyment your site has given, so I would like to offer you this image of a kawekaweau for free for the Natural Heritage Collection website."

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Manager, Department of Conservation, to 3rd party - "The website you directed me to is stunning"

Ministry of Education "I have been doing metadata record about your lovely website..."

Communauté reptilienne "Les photos sont splendides"


Written Video feedback from random viewers.

beautiful....good job

finally something from NZ by the way cute vid

yay a vid about nz got featured!

Brings me back to the day I saw such dragonflies all over the parks.

Great Video, Living in Czech Republic and it is awesome to hear a kiwi accent!

i like dragonflies! that one is a huge one! wow!

nice vid

awesome video man

omg born in NZ, come back man this place is beautiful! Its your home!

Hey that soo cute! and it was probably the most informative thing on the internet about them lol! Thanks

Congrats on getting the kids used to bugs :)

Arrh. Cute and clever.

Hahaha love that New Zealand Accent

ahh how cute (the girl & the dragonfly)

wow big dragon fly!!

Great Video, I love that she shows no fear

wow it's huge! Is he alive? How did you catch him?

Wow I forgot how green N.Z is,haven't seen plants that green in a long time ha! cool vid.

wow really beautiful!

That's really sweet! Shes beautiful. I was born in New Zealand but came to California when I was 6 months old and never went back, so this stuff is interesting to me.

beautiful but deadly.

Really nicely done!

beautiful colour... there r a lot of Man of War in Hawaii

sono italianooooooooooooooooooooooo ooooo

nice visual, add music!

Beautiful nightmare.

BEAUTIFUL but if you touch it, it can almost "kill" you....what a beautiful being:-D))) little paulo cristo:-D)))

Wow, this creature is absolutely BEAUTIFUL!

What amazing creatures they are. Thank you for sharing this. I can tell why they are so hard to see in the water - the shades of blue are the exact same shade I remember the ocean being in the Caribbean - those vivid blues...

Looks like a Murano Glass chandelier... amazing colors and creature!. lovely post thank you for sharing it!

very lovely to look at...

Really Cool I Luv MB!


how cool is that :D nice

They're really quite beautiful I think.

That is extra-fascinating!

Nice video - I like the special effects.

...you've taken a great video

wow that waz a good story

Thanks for this...


Very nice job.


Very nice video, excellent pictures!!

At first I thought I saw a spider, but as my soal lays in the hands of God and may I burn at the steak if I am lying, but I found several of these things living under my house in Upper Lake, California. I don't know how they got here but this is a very odd area and very prehistoric, so maybe then they survived here somehow. I'm going to take videos but I see these things every now and then here on the mainland, and they are not extinct.