New Zealand Fungi

Fungi includes yeast, molds and mushrooms. They were previously classified as plants but lack the vascular tissues that form roots, stems, and leaves of plants. In many ways fungi are more related to animals than plants and lack chlorophyll necessary for photosynthesis so often become parasitic. Usually they release digestive enzymes onto a food source, partially dissolving it to make the necessary nutrients available. Some fungi release toxic chemicals that can result in poisoning or death.

Ascomycota includes yeasts, the powdery mildews, the black and blue-green molds.

Basidiomycota includes the gill fungi and puff balls.

Deuteromycota comprises a miscellaneous assortment of fungi that do not not fit easily into the above.

Steve Reekie has generously provided the images © of New Zealand fungi for you to view. (Original files may have been edited to remove background)

"The Thing" photographed © by "The Natural Heritage Collection"

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The time laps videos are generally of exotic fungi but demonstrate growth well.
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