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Endangered species of New Zealand

Fantail - piwakawaka - Rhipidura fuliginosa

Diet The fantail's diet is mainly from insects usually caught in mid air. With its 'fan tail' it can change direction very quickly to capture insects in flight. The fantail will often follow people through the bush so that they can see the movement of disturbed insects. Fantail will also eat berries.

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Breeding A pair of New Zealand fantails raise three or four broods each summer, each with three or four chicks. The chicks are fed every 10 minutes or so. 15 days after hatching the chicks have grown feathers and are ready to leave.

General It is considered in legend to be bad luck for a fantail to come inside. One did today and it's been ok so far (and next day, and one week later, except I broke my new tent's pole - still ok a year later). They are preyed upon by cats, stoats and rats so few survive to maturity. A fantail raised 5 chicks in my back yard. They were all killed by cats. The fantail is friendly curious and social.

Photos of a black fantail below.

Steve Reekie
Steve Reekie
Black fantail
Black Fantail
Fantail in flightFantail in flightFantail in flight
Paul Knight (above and below)
Fantail in flightFantail in flight
Fantail in flight
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